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By taking lessons with us, you automatically agree to these Terms and Conditions

Lessons and Tests

You must inform your instructor if there is any reason why you cannot drive safely or legally. This includes the loss of your driving licence and includes but is not limited to being under the influence of drink or drugs, including prescribed medication that may affect your ability to drive.

Please ensure that you are medically fit to drive. If you have any medical condition and you are not sure if your ability to drive is affected, please speak with your doctor and the DVLA to report any notifiable medical condition.

You must be able to read a number plate from a distance of 20.5 metres.

Your instructor reserves the right to refuse to take you to your driving test if you haven't told them when your driving test is and they are unavailable, if you haven't moved your driving test date when they advised you to, or if they believe you are not up to test standard and therefore unsafe to be driving their tuition car by yourself on test. Your instructor will discuss this within plenty of time and discuss the options available to you.

Payment for a test booked on your behalf is due immediately. Once you have paid for your test, the test will then belong to you and we will only cancel or move it upon your request or with your agreement.

Cancellations and Punctuality

If you cancel your lesson with less than 24 hours notice, you will be liable for the cost of your lesson. This will be considered on an individual basis and may be waived in exceptional circumstances.

When your instructor arrives for your lesson, they will text you. If you have still not arrived or contacted them within 15 minutes, your lesson will be cancelled considered a late cancellation as above.

If you are late for your lesson, your lesson time will be reduced as your instructor cannot be late for their next lesson. You will still be charged the full price of the lesson. Please be ready for your lesson at the agreed time.

If your instructor is likely to be late to your lesson, they will attempt to contact you beforehand where this is possible, you will still receive the full lesson time.

If your instructor has to cancel your lesson for circumstances outside of their control such as mechanical failure or breakdown, bad weather, heavy traffic or illness and it means they cannot arrive or conduct your lesson, they will rearrange your lesson for the next available, mutually convenient, date and time.

If your instructor feels your behaviour or attitude whilst driving is threatening, dangerous, or compromises safety, they reserve the right to cancel the lesson in progress immediately and any future lessons.

Payment and Refunds

Your hourly lesson rate and any block booking rate is as agreed at the time of booking and detailed on the key information page of this booklet. In the event of future price increases, these may be increased immediately for new pupils and with a minimum of four months notice for existing pupils.

We accept payments in the form of bank transfer, card payment, gift voucher or cash (as a last resort).

Gift vouchers not issued by Kevin Brock Driver Training will not be accepted in any circumstances, including those which claim to be accepted by any UK driving instructor (they’re not)!

Payments must be made before the lesson starts.

Block booking payments must be made in advance of the first lesson taking place.

No refund will be issued for any lessons already taken.

If you have paid for a block booking and wish to discontinue lessons, for any reason, your instructor will refund the balance of the remaining hours having calculated the lessons taken at the standard hourly rate (i.e. £140 paid for 5 hours, 2 hours used and 3 remaining will result in a refund of £80 (£140 less two hours at £30). There is no administration charge applied. Payments will be refunded by the original means of payment to comply with anti-money laundering requirements.

Accidents and The Law

Your instructor will make every effort to avoid damage and accidents, and we do anticipate that accidents may happen as you are learning to drive, however if they believe you were driving in a dangerous manner or ignoring their instructions and actual damage is caused to the tuition car, you may be expected to contribute towards any repairs cost.

Your instructor will make every effort to avoid you breaking the law or committing any traffic offences – you are under their close supervision during every lesson and they may use controls such as speed limiters, and verbal or physical control such as giving verbal instruction, taking the steering wheel or using the dual control pedals where necessary to avoid dangerous situations or accidents. However, your instructor and DKM Driving cannot accept any responsibility of you breaking the law – this includes speeding, traffic offences, regulations, or laws that you could break whilst driving. Any fines or penalties are legally the sole responsibility of the driver. It is an offence on your instructor's part if they fail to give the driver’s details to the police when asked to provide information as to who was driving at the time of an offence.

Kevin Brock Driver Training has Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance in place.

Data Protection

In line with GDPR, by you taking driving lessons with Kevin Brock Driver Training, you automatically consent and agree to us holding your personal information, such as:

-          Name, address, contact information, and date of birth

-          Driving licence number

-          Record of driving progress

-          Medical conditions that affect your ability to drive

-          Driving test information

-          Pictures taken during driving lessons or upon passing your test (with your permission)

-          Receipts of payments

-          any further information that is necessary relating to your driving lessons

We hold your information in line with the Data Protection Act 1998 and GDPR rules.

We hold your information for the purpose of being able to provide good quality driving lessons to you.

Your instructor holds your information securely, which is either locked away securely, or secured on our phones, tablets, or computers which are all password/passcode protected.

No information will be shared with a third party for any reason without your informed consent. If there is a need to share your information (such as changing driving instructors and sending your progress to them, booking tests), we will inform you first, explain who we are sharing the information with, why we are sharing the information, and ensure that you give us your consent and permission.

The instruction vehicle has dash cams which are always recording external footage and may record audio for the protection of yourself, the instructor and the public. If your instructor wishes to use any recorded lesson footage for other uses (such as training aids), you will be asked to agree to this and to sign a declaration to this effect.

You have the right to see any information we hold about you.

You have the right to ask us to destroy any information we hold about you.

Once you pass your driving test, or if you wish to discontinue lessons with us for any reason:

Any progress booklets will be given back to you where possible, or kept for 5 years before being destroyed.

The reason we keep records for 5 years is in case you need any of that information again for any reason, and also for our tax and accounting purposes.

Kevin Brock Driver Training is registered with the Information Commissioners Office, reference XX123456, under Mr Kevin Brock.


We hope that you are happy with your driving lessons and instructor, however if you would like to raise a complaint, your first step would be to contact your driving instructor to see if you can resolve it between yourself and your instructor.

Should you not feel able to talk to your instructor, or are not satisfied with the outcome, you may raise your concerns with DVSA (